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Invokana/Invokamet Detail


What is Invokana/Invokamet and how is it used?

Invokana/Invokamet (Canagliflozin) is a widely-prescribed medicine used along with diet and exercise to lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes.  Invokana/Invokamet was the first of the gliflozin class or subtype 2 sodium-glucose transport (SGLT2) inhibitors class, which work to lower blood sugar by causing the kidneys to remove sugar from the body through urine.



What types of injuries and side-effects have occurred with Invokana/Invokamet?

Although Invokana/Invokamet is one of Janssen and Johnson & Johnson’s most popular drugs, with worldwide sales of $1.31 billion in 2015, $1.41 billion in 2016, and $1.11 billion in 2017, it has been linked to a number of serious side-effects, including bone loss and fracture, diabetic ketoacidosis, kidney failure, and an increased risk of lower extremity amputations.



Why are lawsuits being filed against Invokana/Invokamet manufacturer Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. & parent company Johnson & Johnson?

As of May 2018, more than 1,000 Invokana/Invokamet lawsuits are pending in federal court against Janssen and Johnson & Johnson.  They allege:


1.  Invokana/Invokamet are defective and unreasonably dangerous,

2.  Janssen and Johnson & Johnson were negligent in the manufacturing of the drug,

3.  Janssen and Johnson & Johnson failed to properly test the medication, and failed  to warn of the increased risks of amputations, and that

4.  Johnson & Johnson concealed evidence of the dangers of the drugs from the FDA and the public and misrepresented the safety of the drug in its marketing materials.


The anticipated start date of Invokana/Invokamet bellwether trials regarding diabetic ketoacidosis and kidney failure (Group A) and cardiovascular injury, including heart attack or stroke (Group B) is September 2018.



How is The Crouch Firm, PLLC involved in the litigation against Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and parent company Johnson & Johnson?

The Crouch Firm is currently seeking damages for individuals who took Invokana between 2013 and May of 2017 and suffered a lower extremity amputation.



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